The 5 Ws of Celebrity Endorsement

Totally new to celebrity endorsements and have no idea where to start? Fret not, here are the 5 Ws of celebrity endorsement that will get you started on your first celebrity marketing campaign right away. 1. What What is celebrity endorsement? Celebrity endorsement is a marketing strategy where brands use the name and fame of a celebrity or a well-known person to promote their products and services. 2. Why Why do brands use celebrity endorsement? … Continue reading “The 5 Ws of Celebrity Endorsement”

5 Reasons Why Celebrity Endorsements Work

The concept of using celebrity endorsements to market products is almost as old as marketing itself. As a 70s baby growing up in Singapore, I remember those retro calendars featuring Hongkong film stars hung on my grandmother’s kitchen wall. The celebrity photo was printed on a metal plate, next to the logo or product image of the brand which produced the calendars, usually a medicinal oil. If you are a digital native reading this, you … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Celebrity Endorsements Work”

Why COVID-19 Represents the Best Time to Start Your Celebrity Endorsement Campaign

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted daily lives and businesses. It is expected to last for a year or longer. Markets have crashed, and livelihoods are in limbo. Should marketers derail all their plans and take a wait and see approach? Should you consider celebrity endorsement for your campaigns? Should you even run a marketing campaign during such testing times? The worst of times may also be the best of times. Here are 5 reasons why … Continue reading “Why COVID-19 Represents the Best Time to Start Your Celebrity Endorsement Campaign”

How to Find the Best Celebrity That Fits Your Campaign

Are your celebrity endorsement campaigns delivering the results you want? Do you have a system in place to select the right celebrity for your campaign or has it been based on gut feel? Read on to discover tips to finding the right fit for your celebrity endorsement campaigns. Research Doing research to find the right celebrity candidate is crucial to the success of your celebrity endorsement campaign, If you are not familiar with the entertainment … Continue reading “How to Find the Best Celebrity That Fits Your Campaign”