What Celebrity Endorsements can do for your business

In an era where every company is utilising almost every possible type of marketing channel, it is more crucial than ever to seek out strategies that ensure that your brand stands out from the competitors. Deciding on the correct multiplier can be greatly beneficial and produce significant results.

If the aim of your marketing strategy is to captivate attention and improve the image of your company and looking to add some extra star power to your marketing strategy in order to captivate attention and improve your company’s image, then working with a celebrity could be the way to go.

The 2014 collaboration between Calvin Klein and Justin and Hailey Bieber is a great example of how celebrity ambassadors can make a huge difference. The monochrome campaign images instantly went viral followed by an immense media response. Calvin Klein definitely knew what they were doing, the couple collectively has a social following of over 150 million. They also had the perfect image of sex appeal the brand was looking for. Understandably, the campaign was a huge hit as people were talking about it for weeks and it gave the brand spike in popularity, especially among the youth.

To better understand why celebrity brand endorsements are effective, this article will indicate the main perks of employing a famous face.

Why Celebrity Brand Ambassadors are Effective

First off, a brand ambassador is an individual that is hired by a brand to represent them in a favorable light, improve brand awareness, and help achieve business goals. These individuals are generally viewed as opinion leaders or members of their community that is influential, they can have a huge impact on sales figures using their popularity and influence.

In a celebrity endorsement, one or more celebrities are employed to promote a brand’s products or services. The aim of this is to grow the customer base with the help of the ambassador’s existing fanbase. On top of that, a well-planned campaign should be able to pass on the positive affiliations that fans have towards the celebrity to the promoted products or services. Not to mention, 71% of marketers believe that ongoing brand ambassador campaigns are the most effective form of influencer marketing.

Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at a short but perfect example of how a celebrity brand ambassador can be effective in reaching your business goals.

Mini Case Study: Nespresso and George Clooney

When most people think of Nespresso, they immediately think of George Clooney. The charming, mischievous, and well-known actor swiftly transformed Nespresso into a sought-after brand with amusing commercials and polished billboards.

Clooney was paid $40 million for this endorsement and it paid off for Nespresso. Besides having a sales increase of 30% in just one year, Clooney also promised to stay representing as an ambassador even after alleged child labour reports against Nespresso.

Although social influencers that are popular on online platforms like Youtube, Instagram, or Tiktok are also prevalent choices as brand ambassadors, they often are not as well-known to the general public compared to traditional celebrities. The fanbase of social influencers trust their advice, therefore, they are often seen as experts in the category they are representing. This can be very helpful to brands looking for credibility.

But if you’re looking to reach a broader and possibly older target group with more PR coverage, then a classic celebrity brand ambassador, such as George Clooney, would be your best choice.

Perks of Celebrity Ambassadors

It’s not a secret that many brands effectively use celebrity ambassadors to promote and grow their brand, but what exactly are the elements that contribute to that success?

1. Increased Brand Attention

Nowadays, people are experiencing information overload. This means lots of information is easily overlooked, and only those that are perceived as major are able to catch the attention of and leave an impact on viewers.

Therefore, celebrities act as attention grabbers for advertisements.

2. Improved Sales

The appropriate brand ambassador builds trust with potential and existing consumers, this ultimately leads to more purchases.

Celebrity brand ambassadors can also increase a brand’s value and improve sales by up to 4%. In addition, they can also benefit a brand’s overall image.

3. Positive Image Transfer From the Ambassador

During a celebrity endorsement, the reputation of the celebrity is transferred onto the promoted products/services or overall brand. Preferably, mainly positive affiliations are transferred.

An example of this concept is the 2008 collaboration between talk show host, Ellen Degeneres and cosmetics brand, CoverGirl. This partnership broke new grounds for the brand as it featured a queer 50-year-old woman, not the usual choice at the time for a brand like CoverGirl. This appealed to a broader consumer base and resulted in CoverGirl becoming the first US cosmetics brand to reach sales of 1$ billion within a year of collaborating with Ellen.

4. Higher Recognition Value

It’s not often that consumers will distinctly remember your brand. But Brand Recognition is crucial when competing in today’s market. Due to oversaturated markets, brands are forgotten all the time. However, generally, a brand stays in the minds of a consumer much longer if it is associated with a celebrity. Therefore, the recognition value of a brand improves with the help of a celebrity brand ambassador.

In Conclusion

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s might be hard to get by without the help of celebrity ambassadors. But that doesn’t mean that any marketing approach involving a celebrity will always be successful. It’s important that all considerations are taken into account and all potential risks are accessed before heading down this road.

It’s important to note that celebrity star power alone will not make a product, collection, or brand a success. In order for celebrity brand ambassadors to help achieve the desired outcome, multiple variables must be considered. And successful brand ambassadors are generally employed for long periods of time, allowing them to build up awareness over time. Accordingly, the relationship between brands and celebrity brand ambassadors is built on trust, transparency, shared values, and open communication. Only then can the collaboration really become a success.

Celebrity endorsements are proven to increase sales. This is why they’re such a powerful marketing strategy. If your business has a product or service that you feel is superior to all others, then you should definitely consider obtaining celebrity endorsements.

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