16 Celebrity Food Influencers to Follow

If you’re in the F&B business, the good news is that you’ll be able to choose your ideal food influencer from a big pool of celebrities. Cos who doesn’t love to eat, right? The celebrities here stand out either with their entrepreneurial spirit in the F&B industry, their exceptional culinary skills, or, simply, their insatiable appetite for good food

1. Li Nanxing
After a string of exciting collabs with F&B brands including IPPUDO, the Ah Ge of local TV has gone on to launch his very own series of pies and dishes, available on lnxfood.com. Having tried his Hae Bee Hiam earlier this year, we assure you that Li Nanxing’s food offerings taste as good as he looks!

2. Yvonne Lim
Currently based in Taiwan, Yvonne has displayed her exceptional talent in baking and cooking on her IG feeds. She churns out cakes, kuehs and a variety of Singapore street food as if those came from a buffet line at Shangri-La. Do not check out her IG when you are hungry.

3. Thomas Ong
In our opinion, there’s no bigger foodie than Thomas in the local entertainment scene. Scroll through his social media feeds and you will see food, food and more food. From atas restaurant cuisines to hawker fare, Thomas gives the lowdown on each dish and venue so we make informed decisions on our next food outing.

4. Kate Pang
Actress, host, comedian and now F&B entrepreneur at Tiantianyouyu, Kate loves her food. We were drooling just by watching her eat on the daily live streamings during her SHN. How does she still look so slim and fit with all that food?

5. Michelle Chia
The foodie and food show host has graced our TV screens for years and you still see her photos plastered on many hawker stalls. Hands up, who remembers Yummy King and Our Makan Places: Lost and Found? We do!

6. Ang Junyang
With businesses like machimachi and Boat Noodle SG under his belt, the Project SuperStar alumni has shown his astute business acumen in the F&B industry. Having launched café-cum-cloud kitchen Caf and Indian banana leaf rice restaurant Bananabro this year, we are looking forward to him pampering our taste buds with his next food venture.

7. Julie Tan
Co-owner of Botany, a café at Robertson Quay, Julie may be young but she definitely knows her food. Just look at her yummylicious food posts on IG. And we’ll also have whatever she’s eating when she’s live-streaming her gaming on Twitch, please.

8. Ben Yeo
How can we not mention host and celebrity chef Ben in this list? After the success of sgcheecheongfun, Ben has just scored a mega endorsement deal with McDonald’s, where he created the Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger for National Day.

9. Jeanette Aw
13 years after she made us crave Nyonya kuehs and Tok Panjang from a television drama, the Little Nyonya star is now a Le Cordon Bleu-trained accomplished baker with her own patisserie, Once Upon A Time. We have yet to get our hands on her coveted bakes as we are still on the waiting list!

10. Qi Yuwu
Jeanette’s Little Nyonya co-star, the now happily married Qi Yuwu, is also a connoisseur of good food. And he’s a great cook too, boasting a training stint with the head chef of a famous Chinese restaurant at a 5-star hotel. Recently, his mukbang session attracted over a thousand viewers on IG live!

11. Terence Cao
There’s a saying in the local entertainment scene that if Terence Cao is on set, you won’t go hungry! Ask his co-stars like Zoe Tay and Rebecca Lim and you know that it’s not an overstatement. His co-stars are known to put on weight at the end of every production as Terence feeds them too well! Channelling his foodie spirit, Terence set up food curation and delivery business Sibayshiok with a bunch of celeb friends last year.

12. Chen Xiuhuan
Looking not a day older than her TCS days, the beautiful actress and mother of 3 dishes out mouth-watering posts on her IG feeds on a regular basis. All the dishes are cooked by her in her gorgeous kitchen and they look as good as those served in the restaurants and hawker stalls! She even managed to churn out the trendy rainbow-coloured ang ku kuehs like a pro!

13. Sharon Au
She chomps on bak kwa while sipping champagne by the window of her Paris apartment, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We love her regular posts on how she eat, drink and be merry in the city of love. And who can forget the hilarious baking live-stream she did with Jeanette Aw earlier this year? Though her chiffon cake did not rise as much as her mentor Jeanette would like it to, viewers were already high from an overdose of wit and comedy from the duo.

14. Chew Chor Meng
The ever-enterprising Lobang King has rolled out several successful F&B businesses, including 888mookata, Famous Pao Fan and Solid Lu. He has showed food lovers how great-tasting food does not need to come at unaffordable prices. We also like his frequent updates on hidden food gems in the neighbourhood!

15. Roy Li
The xinyao veteran co-owns cosy Thai restaurant Siam Village at Macpherson, which is known for its authentic and affordable Thai Cuisine. And did you know that the singer-songwriter behind Jacky Cheung and Jeff Chang’s hits is the creator of hit music videos and viral TikTok videos? The series of food videos he recently produced for his protégé Bonnie Loo is a feast for the eyes.

16. Bryan Wong
Who better to round up this list than this award-winning food host and actor? We glue ourselves to the TV sets whenever Bryan’s popular food shows are on air. And which food host cooks better than Bryan, who’s capable of churning out a full course gourmet meal that rivals or even surpasses the best restaurants?

So this completes the full list of celebrity food influencers you should follow.

What type of celebrity influencers would you like us to cover next?


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