the celeb net is a B2B marketplace platform offering premium and exclusive access to celebrities. We need to ensure the legitimacy of all users on the platform.
Business owners, brand and marketing representatives from any registered company with a valid website and company email can register. One brand only requires one account.


We offer a free trial for the first month. Subsequently, users can choose from the basic plan or the premium plan.
The nominal fee is to prevent indiscriminate sending of casual enquiries to celebrities. User can select up to 10 celebrities per enquiry. The enquiry fee applies for the one month free trial. The subscription plans come with a fixed number of enquiries at no extra cost.
We have a tiered commission structure with rates as low as 6% and total commission fee capped at SGD6,000. Registered users can check the details on the platform upon log in.


We do not manage any of the celebrities we work with. We work with them only for commercial engagements. That way, we ensure we only recommend to brands the best celebrity candidate for the job.
Our relationship with celebrities, industry expertise and low commission rates ensure we are able to offer the most competitive celebrity rates to brands on our platform.
As we are continuously onboarding celebrities, please contact us on your choice of celebrity and we will procure the celebrity for you.
It is an indicative fee for engaging the celebrity based on your job requirements.
Some celebrities prefer to provide a quotation only upon request. If the celebrity is keen on your enquiry, you will receive a quotation subsequently.
Yes, you can indicate your budget when sending your enquiry. Celebrity will then choose to accept, reject and counter-propose to your offer based on the fee and other requirements.For campaigns which require upfront discussion, such as a full-fledged endorsement campaign, the platform offers video conferencing capabilities.
Yes, the platform offers video conferencing capabilities for the brand to brief the celebrity the details of the engagement.
We require that all engagements stay on the platform for the ecosystem to grow. If user prefers to leave the platform, the account will be terminated and user will no longer have access to the platform.


The brand and the celebrity or celebrity’s agent will be the signing parties.
Yes you can, as long as all signing parties agree. The auto-generated contract is editable.


For subscription fee and enquiry fee, we accept VISA and MASTER. Engagement fees will be by bank transfer to The Celeb Net Pte Ltd.
Subscription fee and enquiry fee are payable immediately. Engagement fees are payable in full 14 days before the engagement commences.


the celeb net is currently only available as a portal online, but it is mobile responsive.


The platform is a self-serve full-service platform. Users can complete the entire process of engaging celebrities end-to-end on the platform. Commission rates are low as it is full self-serviced.
Managed Services are for clients who prefer the expertise of our celebrity endorsement experts. We charge a commission rate that is aligned with the market.


Of course! All over the world, celebrity endorsement is a powerful strategy used by companies to boost sales and increase brand recall among customers. Having a well-known figure to associate with a brand helps break through the marketing clutter and grabs consumer attention more effectively, increasing brand awareness and boosting brand-quality perception.
In a study done by NUS business school, researchers have found that the effects are proven but the extent of the positive effects depends on the celebrities being engaged.
With the world raging with scepticism and distrust because of all the scams going around, brands are wondering what they can do to build trust with their target audience. Celebrities are among the most trustworthy people in Singapore. For instance, in a poll conducted by Asian Reader’s Digest, Gurmit Singh was voted as one of Singapore’s most trusted individuals.
You can definitely find a celebrity and strategy that fit your budget from our extensive list of celebrities and solutions. For instance, with the prevalence of digital media, celebrities can now do micro-endorsements on social media platforms without you having to pay for year-long endorsement fee. Trackable ROI on digital campaigns also means your marketing investment may essentially pay for itself.


Thank you for signing up! You will be redirected to the registration page shortly.


Thank you for signing up! You will be redirected to the registration page shortly.


Thank you for your enquiry. Our consultant will be in touch soon.


Thank you for your enquiry. Our consultant will be in touch soon.