7 local celebrities that would be excellent tour guides

As China is opening its borders, there is bound to be an increase in demand for travel into the country. A popular way that people choose to explore during their travels is by tours, it’s convenient and takes away all the hassle of having to book and plan activities to enjoy. This isn’t a new concept and there are countless China tours offered on the market, however, a travel agency can greatly benefit from offering tours led by well-known celebrities. Tour-goers can get to experience world-class entertainment right before their eyes, plus, if guests are fans of the celebrity tour guide, they’ll get to meet their heroes!

Here is a list of the Top 7 celebrities that would be excellent tour guides.

1. Thomas Ong

Thomas is a lover of food and travel, it’s clearly portrayed all over his social media! With tons of photos of delicious food and beautiful scenery, he really knows how to have fun. Let him lead a fun 九寨沟 trip that any travel lover will surely enjoy. I’m sure it goes without saying that the man is well-equipped for this role!

2. Darren Lim

With over 11 years of experience hosting variety shows, Darren would definitely have no problems entertaining a group. His social media shows that he is an adventurous, sporty, and outgoing guy! He will definitely have the right energy to lead an exciting trip for those looking for some action.

3. Kate Pang

Kate’s social media tells us that she is a stylish fun-loving mom that loves creating great memories for her kids! She clearly loves to travel with her family so she will definitely lead a fun and wholesome tour that is fit for families with young children. With her experience with hosting and endorsements, Kate is sure to easily charm and delight guests on a tour!

4. Vivian Lai Yi-ling

From what we can gather from her Instagram, Vivian is a bold and adventurous gal! She seems to have traveled to many places all over the world, enjoying the unique culture, food, and experiences they have to offer. Plus, she already has quite a fair share of experience with hosting various kinds of programs involving food reviews and travelogues. A tour led by her would most definitely fulfill any travel junkie’s appetite for adventure!

5. Jeremy Chan Ming Yuew

Jeremy’s Instagram is full of scenic views and of his own exciting adventures and he definitely knows how to get those pics for the gram! Stylistic and modern, a tour led by him would surely be insightful and enlightening. Jeremy is also armed with a great sense of humour and the ability to think quickly on his feet when it comes to entertaining a crowd, now that’s a tour anyone would definitely want to be on!

6. Bryan Wong Lok Kiang

Based on his social media, Bryan has a knack for finding the beauty in the world around him, and delicious food as well! As he already has a lot of experience and time spent in China, he is sure to know all the authentic and worthwhile experiences to lead a tour into. With his already existing fame in China and awards for hosting, Bryan is unquestionably a prime choice for offering a true China tour experience.

7. Marcus Chin On Kang

Although Marcus doesn’t show much of his private life on social media, his experience and sense of humour are more than enough to expect a fun tour! From what he does show us on his Facebook, he is definitely well-traveled and is a foodie who knows how to enjoy life. A tour led by Marcus is sure to be an entertaining one!

As you may have already noticed, there’s one thing that all these celebrities have in common:
they all have experience with hosting. We believe that celebrities that have great hosting abilities will have no problem with interacting and entertaining an intimate audience such as a tour group first-hand, they are friendly, down to earth and will be able to attract people to join the tour.

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