5 ways celebrities can endorse your brand, and their costs

New to celebrity endorsements and don’t know where to start? Not new to celebrity endorsements, but don’t know if you’re doing the right thing or paying the right price?


We have compiled this handy & never before guide to

5 Ways celebrities can endorse your brand & their costs, just for you!


1. Social Media Post

You can engage a celebrity to do a social media shoutout for your product & brand. You need to provide a brief, including the proposed posting date and content pointers such as product USPs and hashtags. It can be static post with photo(s) or a video post, accompanied by a caption. A video post will cost more than a static one. You can pay a loading fee to the celebrity for the permission to boost the post(as a sponsored post) to an expanded audience. 
Most celebrities will only collaborate with products and brands that they have tried, or believe in. Having a celebrity promote your product and brand not only catches eyeballs and has better ad recall, it also propels your brand awareness and adds immediate credibility. The celebrity’s fee is based on factors such as popularity and social media following. 
Social media posts provide a low-cost option for brands to market their products and services to a huge audience. For brands who are new to celebrity endorsements, we highly recommend social media post for them to get orientated into the rewarding world of celebrity marketing.
Cost: From S$1,000


2. Live Streaming

The pandemic has propelled the popularity and growth of social commerce, including live streaming and selling. While live selling has not reached the levels seen in China, it is definitely catching up in Singapore.

Getai singer Wang Lei’s meteoric rise as one of the biggest live sellers during Circuit Breaker last year is a testament to the medium’s far-reaching powers. Mdada, a social commerce venture set up by celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee with his celebrity pals Michelle Chia and Pornsak, rakes in 7-figure sales monthly and just opened its own dedicated live streaming hub.

You can engage a celebrity to promote your products and services over live streaming, held on the celebrity’s or your social media platforms, or live streaming channels of ecommerce platforms. Each session typically lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. However, not every celebrity will take on live streaming engagements. 

For those who do, they will introduce and promote your products to their followers, sharing their personal experience as a user. Your brand will benefit immediately from the credibility and recommendation extended by the celebrity. In addition, high conversion rates are possible with a highly engaged audience that can communicate directly with the celebrity during the live stream. 
For brands looking at extending the reach of the live streaming session, they can pay a loading fee to boost the video to a larger audience after the live stream. Live streaming provides a new and low-cost solution for brands to increase their sales and find new customers online. Couple with a celebrity, brand can significantly improve credibility and purchase intent to achieve better sales and revenue. 
Cost: From S$3,000

3. Online Videos

The advent of social media has provided brands with a low cost and effective way of reaching out to customers with engaging video content. TVC advertising requires a minimum five- or six-figure investment including endorsement fee, production cost and airtime buys. But running an online video campaign comes at a fraction of that cost.

In addition, brands have free rein to decide on the type of content they want for their target audience online – there is almost no restriction on format, duration and even language. Brands can choose to get creative with a celebrity-fronted commercial, or a video testimonial that is sure to add instant visibility and credibility to the brand, setting it apart from competitors. Depending on concept, production cost can be as low as a few thousand dollars. 
Jump on the bandwagon today & let celebrities expand your online reach and conversion!
Cost: From S$10k/year (excluding promotion)

4. Virtual Event Hosting

Physical events – dinner & dance, product launches, press conferences, seminars, roadshows – used to be the norm in pre-covid days. With the end of the pandemic still nowhere in sight, brands have turned to virtual or hybrid events in the new normal.
Virtual launches, virtual press conferences and webinars are being used by brands to communicate with media, trade and customers. What has not changed is the fact that a good host makes all the difference in the success of an event, physical or virtual.
Consider if you prefer one anchor host, or more than one host for lively banter. Decide the style you need of the host – young and lively? mature and professional? Think about the role you need the host to play – a master of ceremony, or a moderator? Choose the language ability expected of the host – English, Mandarin or bilingual? A good virtual event host will be able to engage audiences in a remote setting. The host can be physically present at your designated venue, or can do the hosting remotely, even from overseas. Prepare a script and pointers for the host, and a pre-event briefing will be held for you to go through the requirements with the host. Apart from hosting, you can also engage celebrities to appear at your virtual event as a guest or performer.
Cost: From S$2K

5. Endorsement Campaign

The good old celebrity endorsement campaign is what most people are familiar with – celebrities endorsing a brand, product or service in TV commercials and print ads, and for a longer period, say a year or more.
Celebrity endorsement is a powerful strategy used by the most prestigious brands the world over.
According to Financial Review, a step-up in celebrity endorsements with Nicole Kidman helped drive annual sales 22 per cent higher at vitamins brand Swisse. Closer to home, OSIM built a strong brand and gained market share with its line-up of celebrity endorsements from Lee Min Ho to JJ Lin. 
For young brands, celebrity endorsement will help you dramatically increase brand awareness and drive your sales multiple times higher within a short period of time.  
As endorsement campaigns are exclusive, the celebrity will be the brand ambassador for your brand during the contractual period.
You can produce marketing assets based on your concept, budget and requirements including TV commercials, print ads, online videos, OOH and point-of-sale materials and/or radio commercials featuring the celebrity.

Cost: From S$15k
(excluding production cost and media buys)

That wraps up the 5 ways celebrities can endorse your brand.
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