12 Celebrity Parents to Follow

Birth rates may be falling in Singapore, but there is no shortage of celebrities with adorable kids that you can follow on social media, and who can promote your brand effectively to your target audience – parents.

1. Yvonne Lim
This sweet actress does not seem a year older than when she first appeared on our TV screens. Her family features prominently on her IG feeds, whether it is performing the National Day song together or devouring yummy dishes cooked by mummy Yvonne. Cute!

2. Lina Ng
She made a remarkable comeback to acting and hosting in recent years, picking up Best Supporting Actress at the Asian Television Awards along the way, while raising her three boys. What a super mum!

3. Shaun Chen 
The leading man of local TV is a loving father to 2 cutie pies, Nellie & Neia. And how can we not mention his beautiful wife Celine, who is also an influencer in her own right with more than 50k followers on IG. Couple goals!

4. Vivian Lai
We have seen Vivian’s 2 daughters grow up in the ads they did through the years. The teenagers are now taller than their Star Awards All-Time Favourite Artiste mum, but the sweet mother-daughter bond shines through in the photos they share on social media. Aww.

5. Andie Chen & Kate Pang
Arguably one of Singapore’s most well-loved celebrity families, Andie and Kate share endearing moments of life with their adorable kids, Aden and Avery. The social media savvy celebrity couple produce engaging content not only on their individual accounts, but also on Kandie Family, which boasts over 100k followers on FB.

6. Ben Yeo
Apart from being a host, actor, celebrity chef, F&B entrepreneur and creator of McDonald’s Hainanese Chicken Burger, the multi-hyphenate is a family man who enjoys cooking for his gorgeous wife Claudia and sons, An An and Le Le.

7. Darren Lim & Evelyn Tan
The intellectual and effectively bilingual celebrity couple are parents to a girl and 3 boys- Kristen, Jairus, Way and Elliott. The family lived on their boat for 4 years while homeschooling the older kids, and has since pretty much settled into life on land.

8. Jamie Yeo
Hands up if you gush over how beautiful and cute Jamie’s kids are when you see them on her IG feeds. The youthful host and actress shares interesting content featuring Alysia and Luke regularly, together with husband Rupert.

9. Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu
While the celebrity couple are fiercely protective of the privacy of their kids – five-year-old daughter Baby Qi and three-year-old son Qi Didi – we can definitely feel the family bond and love coming out of their social media feeds. Joanne frequently engages her kids in creative hands-on play like art and craft, which are plenty of fun to watch.


10. Diana Ser
It’s easy to forget that the petite host is a mother of 3, to Jake(15), Christy(13) and Jaymee(10). She regularly gives her social media followers a glimpse of her #momlife, and occasionally, husband James Lye makes an appearance, much to our delight!

11. Constance Song
On IG, we get sneak peeks into the daily life of the award-winning actress and her 2 daughters, Olethea and baby EL. Apart from acting, Constance’s also a restaurateur, running tapas and sake bar Bam!.


12. Sheila Sim
The supermodel-turned-actress’s firstborn, baby Layla, just celebrated her first birthday. Sheila pens heartfelt notes to Layla and shares her thoughts about the joys and challenges of motherhood on IG regularly.