The 5 Ws of Celebrity Endorsement

Totally new to celebrity endorsements and have no idea where to start? Fret not, here are the 5 Ws of celebrity endorsement that will get you started on your first celebrity marketing campaign right away.

  1. 1. What

What is celebrity endorsement? Celebrity endorsement is a marketing strategy where brands use the name and fame of a celebrity or a well-known person to promote their products and services.

  1. 2. Why

Why do brands use celebrity endorsement? Because celebrities help to build brands and increase sales. Not only do celebrities boost brand awareness, they enhance credibility and gain visibility for brands, resulting in increased sales. The celebrity effect is the ability of famous people to influence others. Brands can use that star power and influence to boost their own products and services. Read about 5 reasons why celebrity endorsements work here.

  1. 3. Who

Who are celebrity marketing campaigns suitable for? Celebrity endorsements can help brands both big and small, established and new. For established brands, celebrity endorsement enhances brand equity and differentiates it from its competitors. For new brands, celebrities will help build brand awareness and credibility within a short period of time. As for who you should use to endorse your brand, refer to the handy guide here.

  1. 4. When

When should brands use celebrity endorsement? Anytime is a good time for celebrity endorsement, actually: launch of a new brand or product; festive periods such as Christmas and Chinese New Year; shopping festivals like Double 11 and Black Friday; or when you simply want to reach out to new customers or engage existing ones with the help of celebrities. And the pandemic now may present the best opportunity to start your celebrity endorsement campaign.

  1. 5. Where

Where can brands use celebrity endorsement? There are endless campaign options to suit different marketing budgets. With physical events taking a backseat at the moment, social media and digital campaigns featuring celebrities are popular with brands and cost-effective in the current market conditions.

Finally, how do you get started?

Sign up for a free one-year subscription worth $238 (subject to approval) on The Celeb Net, a self-service portal where you can engage celebrities directly and affordably. Or get in touch with us at enquiry@thecelebnet.com for a complimentary consultation to kick off your first campaign.