Why COVID-19 Represents the Best Time to Start Your Celebrity Endorsement Campaign

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted daily lives and businesses. It is expected to last for a year or longer. Markets have crashed, and livelihoods are in limbo. Should marketers derail all their plans and take a wait and see approach? Should you consider celebrity endorsement for your campaigns? Should you even run a marketing campaign during such testing times?

The worst of times may also be the best of times. Here are 5 reasons why this may be the best time to start your celebrity endorsement campaign.

Gain Market Share

Studies have shown that brands that increase advertising during a downturn can improve market share and return on investment. And what better way to gain market share than with celebrity endorsements? They have been proven to improve brand recall and likability of your products tremendously, among the variety of reasons why celebrity endorsements work

Grab More Eyeballs

People are staying home and telecommuting more than ever before. This means they have more time to consume mass and social media content, including ads. You will be able to grab more eyeballs during this period of time, and a celebrity endorsing your product and fronting your campaign will take you up one notch against the rest.

Go Digital with Celebrities

With everyone glued to their mobile phones and computer screens for work and entertainment, there is no better time to go into digital marketing with celebrities for your products and services. And the good news is, social media campaigns with celebrities are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional endorsement campaigns. This is because the endorsement time frame is usually shorter for social media campaigns, and you do not need to pay for the platform costs, unlike running a print ad or a TV commercial.

Steal A Bargain

With multiple productions postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, celebrities have more time on their hands and may be more flexible with their rates than before. For the same fee, you may be able to ask for more entitlements, getting more bang for your buck. A-listers may also be more open to accept a variety of endorsements which they otherwise would not have considered in the past. And finding the right celebrity that fits your campaign is easy-breezy.

Develop long-term relationships

With fewer jobs in the market, this is a good time to develop long-term relationships with celebrities. Make them fall in love with your brand. Who knows? If you have a good product, they may become advocates for your brand long after the commercial relationship and the downturn is over.

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