How to Find the Best Celebrity That Fits Your Campaign

Are your celebrity endorsement campaigns delivering the results you want? Do you have a system in place to select the right celebrity for your campaign or has it been based on gut feel? Read on to discover tips to finding the right fit for your celebrity endorsement campaigns.


Doing research to find the right celebrity candidate is crucial to the success of your celebrity endorsement campaign, If you are not familiar with the entertainment scene and celebrities, it is even more important for you to do your homework. Google is a good start. Search for celebrity names or lists such as most popular. For local celebrities, check out entertainment portals such as meWATCH and 8world, as well as online entertainment news in The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily News. Follow relevant accounts on social media, such as @thecelebrityagency and @flyentertains. Analyse the image portrayed by the celebrity in the media. Is he/she sporty? Intellectual? Artistic? Family-oriented? Shortlist some whose image and branding fit your requirements.

Follow the Celebs

After you have done your research, follow the celebrities on social media. Most celebrities today are on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook. Those with an active social media presence will also add value to your endorsement campaigns. By checking out their accounts and following them, you see for yourself first hand if the celebrity’s image and personality is a good fit for your brand image and values.

Check Out Fan Clubs

For celebrities with fan clubs, it is useful to check out the fan clubs on social media as well. Assess how big the fan club following is, what activities they organize, and if the fan club is active. An active and enthusiastic fan club may give your more mileage when the celebrity works with you.

Survey and Focus Groups

After you have shortlisted some candidates, be sure to run them through focus groups to finalize the best candidate. If you do not have the resources to organize focus groups, doing an informal survey with internal staff, suppliers and customers may also do the trick.

Reach Out

With the prevalence of social media, you can send a message to celebrities on their social media accounts. But chances are, you most probably will not get a (timely) reply as the celebrities just have too many people writing to them, or they may have missed your message in the midst of a tight filming schedule. Some celebrities will leave their agent’s contact in their bio page, and that may be a better bet for you. Alternatively, you can let an aggregator such as The Celeb Net reach out to multiple celebrities for you at the same time, making your communication process fuss free and efficient.

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